Business Coaching & Consulting

  • Ready to start a new business?

  • Do your systems help or hinder you?

  • How confident are you in your leadership skills? 

  • Got a plan, strategies, and budget in place for 2021? 

Virtual Team Meeting

Are you just getting started, need to reinvent your business model, or want to power up your current business? I can help you create a vision, develop goals, overcome obstacles, and transform your business, no matter what stage you are in.


Coaching/Consulting packages can be customized to create a powerful plan that targets growth potential in your life and in your business. Get rid of those personal blocks that are holding your business back! My business clients get a 2-for-1 with a coach/consultant power pack.

My business knowledge and experience combined with coaching will maximize your ability to create the business you want and a life you love.

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Business Coaching & Consulting will help:
  • Cut the confusion and find Clarity
  • Set up systems that work FOR you
  • Realize & utilize resources available to you
  • Cultivate leadership qualities & confidence
  • QuickBooks integration, training & consulting
  • Financial assessment, reporting & analysis
  • Create a work-life balance
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Ultimate Small Business Program

This program is a must have for every small business owner. It contains tools and strategies to improve almost every aspect of your organization. 

  • Are you struggling due to the current downturn?

  • Confused and not sure what next steps to take?

  • Manage cash flow, save money & make money!

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Solopreneur Program

Courses & tools for those that dare to go it alone! Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

  • Is your small business struggling?

  • Are you exhausted from working and marketing your business on multiple social media sites?

  • Working more hours than you did at your 9-5 grind?

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